We are Scientists: A chemistry lesson at Vinyl Revolution!

We Are Scientists: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

We Are Scientists: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

We Are Scientists

A pre gig show from We Are Scientists in Brighton’s newest vinyl store, Vinyl Revolution.

Primary members Keith Austin Murray, guitar and main vocalist; and Christopher Ian Cain (“Chris”), bass (low pitched) guitar. Live performances include at least one associate using drums; Keith Francis Carne most frequent present-day associate since approx. 2013. International festivals where the band has performed include Glastonbury, Coachella, Reading and Leeds.

Albums released include “With Love & Squalor” (2005), “Brain Thrust Mastery” (2008), “Barbara” (2010), “TV en Français” (2014), “Helter Seltzer” (2016). Their new album Megaplex was released 27 April 2018.  Megaplex, The album is loaded up with 10 new tunes, splashes of colour and totally addictive pop.

This guys arrived, plugged in – ran thru a song and were ready. They didn’t want a big shout or introduction, they just waited for the room to fill. It didn’t take long! The basement of Vinyl Revolution was packed to capacity.

The guys gave us a 30 minute session, with loads of songs and some hilarious interludes. Even those unfamiliar with their recorded works would have found it hard not to get what these guys do and buy into their sound. Chris, with a dead pan expression delivered some pure comic genius which Keith then joined in with. What all of this did with their sheer professionalism was engage the crowd. Members of the audience didn’t take their eyes of these guys for a second, and lots of mobile phone filming going on!

The Set

One In, One Out*
Nobody Move
Your Light Has Changed*
Great Escape
Now or Never*
After Hours

(*= track from new album Megaplex)

“In the past we’ve used our music to educate, to enlighten, to awaken people to the depth and complexity of moral concerns. This time, we really wanted to drop a fun-bomb. Something to dance or f*** to,” states Chris and ‘Megaplex’ achieves just that. Recorded at Tim Wheeler from Ash’s Atomic Heart Studios in NYC and once again produced by Max Hart (ex-Katy Perry), the duo set about honing down a sprawling burst of creativity to make the concise pop beast that is ‘Megaplex’.

A beautifully crafted set of acoustic songs. They did mention that they would be louder later at their gig on Concorde 2! Between the songs some great chat with the crowd and some awesome banter between the band members, some of it was absolutely hilarious. The chemistry between the band and their crowd was astonishing. The guys impressed with every riff and vocal they delivered, they were totally on point and some of the tightest harmonies you will hear.

The set ended at about 7.00pm, and the guys were due on stage at Concorde 2 in just over an hours time. Did they dash off? No, they made sure they signed everything – vinyl, CD’s and more besides leaving around 7.30. We Are Scientists are proving their worth and popularity on the indie rock music scene judging on how their ticket sales are going, and, by the number of copies of their new album were being signed and sold. These guys got themselves some new fans and that includes me. They turned up, unpacked guitars, a quick tune up and they were away. Professional. I must give a massive thanks to the We Are Scientists guys for the pics – for letting me! I never forget the drummer! Very much appreciated, and it was great to talk to you all. That was something special that you created for us and you are to be congratulated for that. It was a real shame that some of us didn’t have a ticket for Concorde 2 – but hope you had a blast!

“Our brilliant work in pop song writing is unsurpassed,” summarises Keith. “And will probably make the We Are Scientists name live beyond eternity.”

Once again Vinyl Revolution pulled off a great session of live music and a chance for fans to meet their favourite band. It was all well controlled and numbers were closely monitored. The team really do care about what they do, and those who step into their shop.

We Are Scientists with the Vinyl Revolution team. Pic - Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

We Are Scientists with the Vinyl Revolution team. Pic – Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

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Vinyl Revolution

Vinyl Revolution is open to everyone and can be found at 33 Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1AG.
Vinyl Revolution are on Facebook

Again – well done to the team for setting this event up. Always a joy to pop in for a browse, a chat, or for an event like this. Congrats to the Vinyl Revolution team, you gotta be proud of that one. You can find this record store here: 33 Duke Street, Brighton.

They sell brand new and re-issued heavyweight vinyl, which rubs shoulders with the very best in vintage and recycled records – everything from A-ha to ZZ top and back again. But Vinyl Revolution is much more than just a record shop. They supply cool T-Shirts designed in-store by a talented designer and printed on ethical and eco cotton.



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